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A Bilingual Children's Story

The younger you begin learning a new language, the easier it will be to carry and pick up in the future. That's why my book, a bilingual children's story, is an excellent option for parents who want their child to start practicing and learning Spanish. Living in a bilingual country like the United States, knowing two languages can create new opportunities and broaden your child's cultural horizon as well.

I've been able to teach young students in Europe and South America, and all of these students were very successful when it came to memorization. My teaching methods focus on a lot of visualization, which is why my book is accompanied by educational video and song content. I look forward to promoting this book in schools throughout the United States.

Children Jumping

Making Connections

The reason I love writing for children is because it's so crucial for them to be able to learn by example. Connecting with the characters and story can help them develop social skills and also feel that bad days can become good ones. Enjoying a story while learning words is an effective approach to practicing a new language, and it is complementary to traditional teaching methods. This book as well as the video books and songs can be utilized with virtual classes and after-school activities.

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