A Fun-Loving Story That Will Teach Your Kids Spanish
Children's Book Writer and Former Language Teacher
Language Learning in a Children's Book

"The Best Time For Children To Learn A New Language Is When They Are Early Readers"

A very special thanks goes to My Granddaughter who is 5 years old.
For all of her work helping me to record this Spanish version, she is excited to be learning a new language!

Learn a Second Language with Rosemary I Langway

Every artist, whether an illustrator or a writer (in my case), is inspired by the world in which they live. It's what moved me to write the book "Blanquita Has A Bad Day," which is my first bilingual picture book for early readers. As a former Spanish teacher, it gives me great joy to provide kids useful material with a fun and educational way to learn a second language.

My experience in teaching languages translates well in my book. It's been carefully crafted to follow my successful teaching methods in my journeys to Europe and South America. Get your child excited about learning a second language by reading "Blanquita Has A Bad Day" with them.

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